Headin Home

Headin Home

Mission accomplished. No banner draped across the airship tho. We don’t like gloatin’. Heh.
We got the call, finally. Was gettin’ worried there. Bosses had been gone awhile. Somehows, they ended up over in the heart of Vaasa, at the Last Tree. Weren’t easy, but we slipped in undetected, mostly, for the pick-up. Some of the stuff they dragged onboard has me curious. Headin’ home now.

Guess they mopped the floor with that Sarshan freak. Literally. Liquified him. Heh. Kinda gross, actually, to hear it. Weirdo was mixin blood with Elemental Chaos ooze, usin it to power some automatons he built. One of the piles o’ junk they dragged onboard used to be what Sir Peter called an Eyebeam Peon from their Battle On The Tower Rooftop. We’ll take the pieces back to HYDRA, let the lab rats nose over them. Maybe somethin useful can be gotten outta this weird technology.

Enna‘s scoutin’ ahead, looks like she’s flyin’ back this way now. Buck says he sees her too, and she’s spotted Overlook. Good, homeland at last.

~ After Action Report by “Dodge”, Pilot of H.C.A. IV The Osprey



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