Into the Catacombs

HobgoblinsCouncilman Troyas takes the HYDRA team to the Town Square, where a hobgoblin that was captured during the attack is beong held in the stocks for public display. The HYDRA agents are allowed to interrogate him. He resists, of course, but via skillfully combining intimidation and diplomacy, the thug finally caves. He reveals that the attack on Brindol was by a band of goblinoids, led by their Chieftain, Sinruth. They are claiming to be the Red Hand, even thought the Red Hand last attacked this region 30 years ago. Their mission was to attack the Hall of Great Valor to steal back artifacts kept in the museum there from the previous Red Hand Wars. they also were instructed to kidnap humans and their like, to “feed” the guardians of their lair, the catacombs under the ruins of Old Rivenroar Keep.

The team set off and track Sinruth’s retreating army thru the wilderness to the ruins, but are jumped by a family of kruthiks en route.

Finding the ruins, the team locate an entrance to the catacombs below. The first chamber is guarded heavily by hobgoblins!



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