Graduation Day

The Heroes are graduating from their study programs at the legendary HYDRA Academies!

Rescue at Rivenroar will be their 1st Mission together as the newest team of HYDRA agents:
Team is sent to Brindol to investigate an unusual attack on the town’s museum, the Hall of Great Valor. Six Residents of the town have gone missing. Clues indicate that the Red Hand may be returning!

The team is jumped by goblins on the King’s Road while traveling south toward Brindol. Easily enough to handle, but goblins this bold? And this far from Dunwood? Something’s not right.

Team arrives at Brindol to find it under attack. Team races into town and battle hobgoblins and their ogre that is throwing burning oil kegs around, setting the town ablaze!

Brindol’s newest Councilman, Eofram Troyas, is a combative, overly assertive half-elf with seemingly good intentions. He praises the team’s timely arrival and they tell him HYDRA sent them. He interviews them and seems to become more trusting and enthusiastic about their investigating events in the area.
The captives



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