Hydra color
HYDRA Team, welcome.

Since graduating from the HYDRA Academies, you’ve been sent all over the region on dangerous missions. You’ve defeated many foes, gained numerous allies, foiled countless nefarious threats to the region, and suffered a few setbacks. You’ve even been drawn to other planes, the Shadowfell and the Elemental Chaos, and have brought back information and artifacts of glorious and ominous import. Your recent success in destroying Sarshan and disabling his weapon & army building operation has maybe brought some brief peace to our land.
Cult of thyrn 2
However, there are still enemies lurking, many near Overlook, as General Zithiruun’s army was repelled but not destroyed. And he is still out there somewhere, plotting something against our lands and our neighbors’. Also, the Warlock Knights of Vaasa are stirring again, and the prospect of that group putting aside their squabbling and organizing against us is a terrifying prospect, indeed.
Your information gathering has brought to light the biggest problem our region faces: an unusually large concentration of portals & gates in and near Damara. Many are disabled or broken, but their mere existence has clearly earned the attention of many who would seek to harness that magic and use the gates to bring their forces directly to us, at minimum to conquer our people, at worst to destroy everything we know…

Be on your guard, defenders. No knowing where trouble will pop up next!
Paragon Tier:
So, the real menace is now revealed. General Zithiruun was only one player in the game, a game of invasion. The astral menace githyanki have set their sights on your region and have been manipulating many of the pawns you have faced so far, preparing for an ultimate mass assault thru your gates.

The battle of Akma’ad was a devastating blow to both sides, as the githzerai monks (much needed allies by the growing Coalition, due to their racial enmity for the githyanki and knowledge of their abilities, weaknesses, and motives) suffered horrific losses. Your arrival helped turn the tide of battle, destroying most of the githyanki skyships, it’s leaders (tho Zithiruun’s body wasn’t seen/found… again), and rescuing the important Odos, now defacto leader of the remnants of the githzerai on your world.

Now to Mulmaster, where major players are gathering to discuss their involvement in dealing with this extra-planar war. If Amyria has her way, a formal Coalition will be formed, to grant some organization to this world’s defense effort. HYDRA agents can only do so much…